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 Basic Rules (aka "The Self-Explanatories")

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Basic Rules (aka "The Self-Explanatories") Left_bar_bleue0 / 1000 / 100Basic Rules (aka "The Self-Explanatories") Right_bar_bleue

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Basic Rules (aka "The Self-Explanatories") Empty
PostSubject: Basic Rules (aka "The Self-Explanatories")   Basic Rules (aka "The Self-Explanatories") Icon_minipostedThu Jan 31, 2008 12:04 am

The rules of Socom Forumz (which will now be refered to as "SF") are very simple: no flaming, no spamming, no bashing, be respectful, and help out one another. But I will go into a more detailed list of rules that you have to follow during your stay here at SF.

The Basics
Like I said the rules very simple:
->No spamming
->No bashing
->No flaming
->Be respectful
->Help out eachother as much as you can

Any form of spamming or flaming (the two most not recommended things to do on this forum) will lead to strikes. After you have recieved three strikes, your account will be suspended. If you recieve any more strikes after your suspension, your account will be locked, banned, and deleted until further notice.

Your Profile
Editing your profile is very simple. All you have to do is click on "Profile (duh!) below "Socom Forumz" (I will now be refering to the location of "Profile" and the other tabs as the Menu). Then, a new window opens and you are taken to your profile page. From there you can edit things such as your password, your e-mail address, and much much more. Then you may notice a couple of tabs, some of which are "Preferences", "Signature", "Avatar", etc. By clicking on one of those takes you to a page where you can edit exactly what it says; your preferences, your sig, your avatar, etc. Also, a cool feature I added to this site is the "Friends And Foes" option. From there, you can add people to friends list (thats pretty basic) and people to your foes list (thats something probably a little new to you, but it works the exact same way as the friends list). People can see who you are buds with, and who are your enemies.

I will be posting some more information about this site, but right now, I gotta get to sleep! Sleep

Hope you enjoy. Wink
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Basic Rules (aka "The Self-Explanatories")
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