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 Downloading & Posting Downloads

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PostSubject: Downloading & Posting Downloads   Downloading & Posting Downloads Icon_minipostedSat Feb 16, 2008 1:07 pm

I understand lots of people are worried about going to sites, and downloading things that you know may not be safe. That's why a new rule has been added to our database: when posting downloads, make sure you checked them to make sure they are working fine, and that they are not a virus. *Although we are not responsible for any damage done to you, your computer, or your PSP. (Just saying that to be safe.)

So here's a simplified list of the process you have to go through while posting downloads:

  • Before posting a download, make sure you have tested it first and that it works perfectly.
  • You can attach the file to your post, or you can give a link to the download. Either works.
  • In your post containing the download, please be sure to state that if it harms anyones PSP or computer, that you are responsible for it.
  • If someone complains saying this has happened, please before anything, contact either ChickMagnet, Evil.Child, or myself.

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Downloading & Posting Downloads
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